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Cold Urticaria Treatment Options

Cold Urticaria Treatment Options

 Is there a cure for cold urticaria?

Cold Urticaria as with all types of urticaria is unfortunately very misunderstood by people who do not suffer from it, which I guess is no surprise, however there are many professional medical staff who also struggle with anything urticaria related.

Cold urticaria is another version of urticaria, the symptoms of which tend to look like lots of little bumps or hives, urticaria is also often referred to as nettle rash. Many urticaria sufferers who are afflicted with cold urticaria may also suffer with other versions of the condition, for example cholinergic (heat/sweat induced urticaria)

Cold urticaria symptoms unlike many forms of urticaria tend to appear and then disappear just as quickly, this can of course still be a problem for many. I personally know someone who suffers with cold urticaria, his hives or the urticarial rash would appear, then vanish completely only to reappear again within hours, often several times a day.


So is there a cure for cold urticaria?

As with any form of urticaria, treating the symptoms will often provide some quick relief, however it should also be noted that symptomatic urticaria treatments are not a long term solution.

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Cold Urticaria Treatment #1

Like I said above these urticaria treatments are actually just simple ways of dealing with short term relief of urticaria symptoms. Perhaps the quickest way of treating cold urticaria is by keeping warm, of course this sounds like common sense, but there is a trick to this, especially for those who also suffer with contact, pressure urticaria.

If this is you try wearing more layers of looser clothing, preferably of a lighter breathable material

 Cold urticaria treatment #2

As with all types of urticaria, the symptoms of cold urticaria are the result of excess histamine being produced by your body in response to an allergen or trigger, blocking this response is often possible for many people by using antihistamine. Antihistamine will often provide limited relief, however if your cold urticaria is a consistent problem then antihistamine probably won’t be that much use.

To really address any type of urticaria it makes sense to treat the underlying reasons for the condition, which are almost always the same whichever type of urticaria you suffer with.

Do you suffer with cold urticaria, have you found a cold urticaria treatment that works, If you have we’d love to hear from you.

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